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Are you applying for an MFA in Creative Writing? If this is your first time applying or if you're back in the MFA application trenches, our advice at Writing Workshops Detroit is that you ONLY apply to FULLY FUNDED programs. In 2018, our application prep students accepted fully funded offers to attend the following MFA programs: NYU, Alabama, The New School, and Miami.

The hard reality is that you don't want to go into debt to get an MFA. You don't. It is hard enough to make it financially as a writer that you don't want the added hardship of MFA debt hanging over your head. The good news: many MFA programs are fully-funded and will give you the time you need to focus on your work while also being part of a thriving literary community that shares your values. These MFA programs will send you back into the world as a better writer in relationship with your readers for life with little to zero debt. 

The bad news: these programs are the hardest to get into and ALL of your peers are also applying to them. So the competition is stiff. So how do you stand out? The only way to get accepted into one of these highly competitive programs is to WOW with your writing and demonstrate the thing that makes your work your work. If you don't already know what that is we can figure it out together.

Our goal at Writing Workshops Detroit is to help you work on and revise your creative sample (fiction, poetry, non-fiction) so that it stands out from all the rest. Our pool of instructors have attended top MFA programs such as Iowa, Michener Center for Writers at UT Austin, UC-Irvine, ASU, Cal Arts, Sarah Lawrence, and understand what it takes to get accepted. We'll be here to hold you to a high standard, to point out the things you do well, but more importantly: identify the soft spots in your work that need dramatic attention before you submit your MFA application to your dream school(s). We'll always stay true to YOUR vision for what the work is and should be. We'll attend to your voice and style and get granular, providing sentence-level editing as well as big-picture notes that you need for a final polish. 

For a creative portfolio of work (writing sample up to 25 pages) and the statement of purpose (and/or personal essay), we charge $400.

We'll offer a 2-3 page letter of critique on your creative portfolio and SOP, provide margin comments and line edits within the manuscript, and schedule one-hour phone consultations to answer any questions you might have. If you're ready, we're ready! To introduce yourself to us and to formally register for MFA Application Prep, click on the button below and we'll get to work!