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The Narrative Time Machine: Pacing and the Narrative Arc
(4 Weeks)

Class Begins Wednesday, April 10, 2019



A great story can really pass the time--for the reader, and for its characters. Artful pacing can stretch an hour into an entire chapter or jump from one year to the next in the span of a single paragraph. When it's successful, we barely notice that we've been fast-forwarded or sent back in time. When it's not, we feel jarred--and cheated. If you’re a new or practicing fiction writer who'd like to embark on an intensive study of the narrative time machine, this clinic-style workshop will help you hustle when you need to and hold the important notes when you want to. We'll use short stories and novel excerpts to inform our craft. No text is required; all readings will be provided by the instructor. 

Meetings will occur on a biweekly basis to allow time to respond thoughtfully to one another’s work and generate our own new material. In addition to our craft discussions, each writer will have two opportunities to workshop up to 25 pages and receive typed commentary from the instructor and peers.

  • T.M. De Vos, Instructor

  • Class size limited to 8 writers

  • Meets Every-Other-Wednesday 6:30PM to 9:00PM / April 10, April 24, May 8, and May 29

  • Class meets at Bamboo Detroit at 1420 Washington Blvd #301, Detroit, MI 48226

Contact us HERE if you have any questions about this class.

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Instructor T.M. De Vos has taught at the University of Michigan, New York University, and in the New York City public school system. She holds an MFA from New York University and a Hopwood Award  from the University of Michigan, and is currently inching toward a PhD at Wayne State University. De Vos is the recipient of fellowships from the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation, Murphy Writing Seminars, Summer Literary Seminars, and Cullman Center for Teachers at the New York Public Library. Her fiction has appeared, or is forthcoming in, Carve Magazine, The Same, and HOBART, among others. Her short story, 'The Wrong Sort of Woman,' received the 2018 Paper Darts Short Fiction Award, judged by Carmen Maria Machado. 

Student Testimonials

“I've taken the eight-week workshop and the one-day setting seminar with TM De Vos and Kelsey Ronan. Both were excellent workshop instructors. I enjoyed the small, focused setting to hone my craft and support other writers.”

“I went into the Mixed Levels Fiction Workshop without a lot of fiction experience. Others in the workshop had more. The experience was still thoroughly positive. Our group moderator, T.M. De Vos, is an educator not only by trade but by nature. She led discussions about the writing we submitted and the outside reading she selected, blending each element of discussion into a productive whole. She had us do the bulk of analysis and guided us along the way to ensure each discussion was time well-spent.”