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Put together, our instructors at Writing Workshops Detroit have decades of editing experience. Writers trust us with their manuscripts because we prize the sentence and the story, no matter the genre. It doesn't matter if you're self-publishing or looking for a traditional publisher, readers will want the same thing: a great story that compels them to THE END.

We care about your writing. We want the story you've uniquely imagined to be the story that makes it to the page (because that is all your eventual reader will have). We'll show you where your novel is succeeding and where it can be improved without being prescriptive. The end result will be a novel more likely to find its readership.

Let us help you refine and revise your work before you self-publish or query literary agents. There is a saying that writing is rejection. If you're submitting your work for publication you know that only the top 1% of all novels are published. Even fewer self-published novels find a readership because they lack polish, a tightly crafted story, and characters that readers care about. With such long odds, let us help you improve them.


The Editing Process

We specialize in the developmental edit, and look closely at the basic elements of craft that any story needs so that the narrative doesn't fall apart. We'll focus on what makes your story unique, amplifies your voice, and leaves an impression on readers:


After one of our instructors finishes reading your novel, they'll write an in-depth letter between 8-10 pages outlining the strengths and weaknesses. We'll offer more than just specific advice on how to improve the manuscript, though; we'll provide a road map forward so that you can survive the next draft, forge a path to publication, and achieve your dream of publishing a novel.

Why Trust Us With Your Novel?

Our editors are also professional writers. They've had their books published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Simon &  Schuster, Harper Perennial, Gallery, FaithWords/Hachette, The University of Arkansas Press, A Strange Object, Black Lawrence Press, and have won the Foreword Review’s Editor’s Choice Prize for Fiction, Hurston/Wright Legacy Award in debut fiction and the Black River Chapbook Competition.

Your novel is precious to you. When you hand it to us we know how much work it has taken to get a solid draft. And: we have all been in your shoes with a manuscript and a dream. To get your book-length manuscript to the next level it helps to receive professional editing. With so many writers vying for publication you need to make sure your work has received the attention it needs before you spend hours researching markets, writing cover letters, and staring at your e-mail hoping to receive good news from an editor or offer of representation from an agent.

Our Pricing

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We'd love to work with you! Our pricing is straight forward and based on industry standard rates. If you're wondering what a 70,000 word novel would be at these rates, for example, here is a breakdown at all three levels:

Pro novel editing:  $3,150

Advanced novel editing:  $1,400

Basic developmental editing:  $1,120

If you're ready, we're ready. Simply introduce yourself and tell us about your novel by clicking on the button below (or either of the graphics on this page) and we'll get to work! And feel free to let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to start a dialogue and see where it leads!

And if you're looking for short story editing, we offer that too. Just click HERE.