"Desiree Cooper engaged in a lively and stimulating discussion of her work with the students. She is genuine and presents with honesty and empathy. The students felt truly enriched by the experience. Desiree Cooper truly is a gifted presenter who can captivate an audience with her warmth, wit, and authenticity."

"I always turn to Toni Cunningham first for feedback on narrative development and character development. She's both a strong writer and a very talented storyteller. Her editorial feedback on my work has been extremely helpful, and I would take any class or writing workshop she leads."

“Desiree Cooper's Turbo Powered Narratives was 3 hours packed with solid information, practical use examples and time to practice. Highly recommend these classes!”

“Desiree Cooper's Turbo Powered Narratives was not only very informative, it was inspirational. The 3 hours flew by. It was wonderful. Thank you!”

"I took a fiction course with Blake and attended one of his seminars. Blake is one of the best writing instructors I’ve had. The course definitely helped me navigate the literary community and strengthen my narrative skills. The environment is inclusive and encouraging. You’re surrounded by people who are taking courses for the sheer love of writing. Since taking Blake's course, I have had a short story accepted for publication and was admitted to a fully funded MFA program."

“Toni's Getting To The End workshop was great. She is very creative and made everything seem doable. She answered every question and even provided feedback. With no judgement! I showed my podcast partner my script and she was shocked that I thought of and wrote a complete five-page script in an afternoon. I was too!”

“The Turbo Powered Narratives Master Class was insightful and informative! I learned some great tips on writing. Loved Desiree Cooper’s point of view! Thanks for sharing your love of writing!”

"Ted has introduced me to a great community of writers in and around Detroit that have helped inspire and motivate me to recommit myself to my writing. I look forward to our monthly meetings and the ability to share and workshop my pages with other creatives who provide thoughtful and constructive feedback. I always come away from our meetings with a clearer vision of where I want my screenplay to go and a stronger drive to sit down and actually make it happen."

“Excellent content in Desiree Cooper’s Turbo Powered Narratives seminar. Loved this group!”

“I was touched by Desiree’s point of view and appreciate her ability to share how we find our own! Thanks for the inspiration!!”

"Regardless of where you are in your writing, having Desiree’s guidance will move you forward. She’s the rare working writer who is also an excellent teacher. Look at her background and you’ll see a woman with a skill set that is hard to match."

"As a storyteller and writer, Toni Cunningham is gifted at developing deep, poignant characters with multiple layers, flaws, and strengths. Characters whose motives drive interesting and thought-provoking plot lines. Her stories consistently go beyond just entertaining to express a statement of values in what has become her own unique narrative voice. Toni is my go-to for writing advice and feedback. She poses insightful questions, and provides careful, intentional, actionable feedback. My writing is better because of her!"

"I can always depend on Desiree to be insightful, interactive, engaging and profound. She skillfully deploys her fiction and essays to help audiences navigate gender, race and class. Whether in a room of four or four hundred, she creates a sense of intimacy and honesty that makes the hardest conversations possible."

"Ted Houser has built a community of screenwriters in Detroit who build each other up and help each other out. Not only does he know about film and how to teach the nuances of screenwriting and filmmaking, he also pushes those he teaches to build up their presentation skills and ability to speak eloquently about their stories. Having been in an ongoing workshop with Ted for over a year, I have benefited from his experience greatly." 

“With a decade of film and television experience, Toni Cunningham was awarded a 2018 Kresge Artist Fellowship for her original and thought-provoking stories, as well as her fresh ideas on screenwriting and deep understanding of the nuances of writing short films. Toni is a dedicated teacher who has spent years providing writers from Detroit to Los Angeles with feedback and encouragement. Toni's creativity, experience, and passionate commitment to nurturing Detroit's screenwriting community offers workshop participants the opportunity to build both their confidence and their ability to craft characters, plots, and stories.”

"From the specific, encouraging feedback from instructors and students, to the wealth of literary info and writers' resources provided before/during/after class, to the valuable networking opportunities with a diverse group of courageous classmates, I have returned to my writing with renewed energy and -- BONUS! -- the local literary world has opened up to me through these workshops."

"Wonderful opportunity to be part of a literary community and a great workshop. Blake is a great instructor and I will be back again!"

"Desiree Cooper addresses important issues without being didactic or predictable, and she was an absolute pleasure to meet."

"I'm in a monthly writer's group that Ted has been running for the past two years, he's done a great job creating a consistent and reliable space to workshop scripts. He gives really thoughtful advice on our work without being overbearing. He was also really supportive once I wanted to shoot a script I had been working on in the group and helped get it on it's feet. I would definitely recommend his group to anyone!”

"Toni's close attention to detail, driving curiosity, and strong sense of story has made her an ideal critique partner for years now. She's been able to zero in to the very gut of any essay I turn over to her and make insightful observations that always push me towards a better draft. I find myself seeking her writing advice again and again, and consider myself so privileged to be able to learn from her."

"I took a Fiction Writing Class with Blake Kimzey and couldn't be more impressed. The instruction and materials were great. Additionally, it got me out of my shell and pushed me to start writing. Can't thank Blake and the group of writers that took the class with me enough."

"I’m still using what I learned from Desiree! And, her fun, passionate, kind spirit has been my companion on my darkest writing days. Equally, I’m inspired by how hard she works at her own writing. Desiree knows what she wants, makes it happen and models the same for all of us in her life. She’s a generous colleague. You’ll enjoy your time with her. I know I did."

"Desiree Cooper has a whole lot to say. I got to scratch her surface during a writing workshop she gave last year. It included several talks about writing, gender, and race, delivered in the context of her own gorgeous written work. She is witty, engaging, and utterly comfortable at the podium. She looks her audience right in the eye, delivers the goods with directness. She is collaborating with her audience as she talks to them. You want to know her, or maybe just ask her a question so she’ll keep talking, because she is so darn interesting and lively and utterly approachable."

"I joined a beginner to intermediate fiction writing group led by Blake. The quality of the workshop, the suggested reads, the mix and number of participants were all perfect. The discussions taught me so much. Handing in my first homework was nerve wracking but Blake as well as the other participants turned it into the best experience with constructive criticism. Blake is a fantastic teacher and is great at getting the group to interact in the most productive manner. I missed it as soon as it ended and I cannot recommend the workshops highly enough.

"I took my first writing workshop and I loved it. The teacher was professional, helpful and engaging. The content was relevant. I will definitely attend more in the future."

"I was somewhat 'stuck' in my writing journey and the publishing workshop definitely helped me to refocus, re-energize, and get moving again! Fantastic workshop."

"Blake was so encouraging and inspiring. He really made me want to take charge of my writing career."